​Technical information Edit


Shadowsong visual

Enjin value :  60 ENJ​

Transfer Fee Type : Per transfer

Transfer Fee : 5 ENJ​

Supply model : Infinite


Made of Fudrang wood and adorned with an amethystine gem infused with a soul of a dragon, Shadowsong can be a terrifying weapon in the hands of a skilled spellcaster. It is said that the Archmage-General Elerius used a Shadowsong to cause a double eclipse that blinded the enemy army, while granting nightvision to the legions of this legendary conqueror. Slaughter ensued and blood painted the valley as the light of the binary stars became blocked by twin moons. Victory was won with magic. Shadowsong can be a formidable tool even in the hands of inexperienced sorcerers, enabling them to cause both benevolent wonder and wonderful, savage horror.

Use in Forest Knight

To be announced !

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