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Mike visual

Enjin value :  15 ENJ​

Transfer Fee Type : Per transfer

Transfer Fee : 5 ENJ​

Supply model : Infinite


Arngrim Spankblaze the Third, Earl of Neo-Kattegat, the Hungoverlord, Stealer of Titanwine,” commonly known as “Mike,” is likely the least fortunate individual in the entire multiverse. An avid drinker—but also a brave warrior, Mike dared to steal the only bottle of Fomorphic Nectar ever made. Problem is, the owner of the wine bottle turned out to be an especially vengeful goddess—R’aenea the Huntress, a deity with powers that stretch across not only her realm, but all the domains of the multiverse. Her wrath was only made stronger due to the fact that Mike used his legendary charm on her in order to obtain the mythical beverage, said to be the most potent and tasty drink made across all dimensions of space and time. As the mighty hero ran down the stairs of the celestial palace, still putting his pants on, the goddess casted an unimaginable curse on his poor soul—his essence was duplicated into infinity, scattered across an everlasting sea of diverse realms, and sentenced to live potentially infinite lives while taking a myriad of different forms. Sometimes a talking, sarcastic sword, occasionally a mighty, cranky dragon, at times a bizarre cybernetic golem, every so often an entire planet—but usually just a simple, grumpy rock—Mike has as many names and can take almost as many shapes and forms as there are universes. Sometimes, as new domains come into existence, his soul is shredded again, doomed to whatever unfortunate destiny awaits it in the new, swirling cosmos. Mike is perhaps one of the most peculiar and sought-after possessions among Wanderers, due to his outlandish sense of humor, almost ubiquitous usefulness in tricky situations, and the fact that he usually changes his form when carried to another universe.

Use in Forest Knight

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